5 Things to Know Before Choosing Cosmetic Dyes



Cosmetic colours are widely used to create variety of cosmetics ranging from eye colour, lipsticks, nail elements and much more. They do not pose any harmful effects on the skin and does not result in skin allergies. Cosmetic manufacturers use synthetic as well as organic colours based on customers’ requirements. In the production of such cosmetic colours, cosmetic pigments and cosmetic dyes are used. However, such manufacturers adhere to the rules and regulations strictly while producing cosmetic dyes in India. With each passing day, the cosmetic manufacturers are adding more colour to the cosmetics and customers are looking for buying such products and increase their cosmetic collection.

There are certain things that should be taken into account while choosing cosmetic dyes in India. Some of the factors that are taken into account have been discussed below:

Organic pigments for personal care and cosmetics:Carbons and other molecules are used to make organic pigments. Usually organic pigments used for personal care and cosmetics are cosmetic colours that are classified as toners, lake dyes and true pigments. The pigments that are used are certified and are of high quality so that there is no reaction the skin. Usually organic pigment colours are much brighter than inorganic pigments.


Inorganic pigments for cosmetics and personal care:Chromium, ultramarine, iron oxides and so on are very popular among cosmetic manufacturers. These are inorganic pigments that are largely used in cosmetic manufacturing along with other pigments such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. Such pigments are more opaque and resistant to solvents.

Oil soluble colours for personal care and cosmetics:Cosmetic dyes are also available in oil soluble colours for personal care and cosmetics. Depending upon the formulation of the product there are various application for oil soluble cosmetic colours. Some of the oil soluble cosmetic colours include ultramarines and oxides.

Water soluble colours for personal care and cosmetics:Cosmetic dyes are available in water soluble colours. Such water soluble colours are of high quality and is ideal for personal care products as well as cosmetics. In case of clear products water soluble cosmetic colours give good transparent colours. In case of opaque cosmetic products water soluble cosmetic colours are used to give them a light tint. These are also perfect for soaps, lotion, powders etc.

Colour solution and colour mud for nail care and lip care respectively:Nail paints and cosmetics for lip care are in high demand and fall under the highest selling categories in cosmetics. Cosmetic colours such as Titanium Dioxide, Mica, iron oxides and organic pigments are used in nail paints. For making nail paints pigments are used. To produce high quality nail care products, the colours need good solubility properties.

In case of cosmetic colours for lip care it is available in the form of inorganic and organic pigments. Since high quality colours are used application of such cosmetics on sensitive skin does not result in any side effects. Colour mud is available in wide range of colours such as green, yellow, purple and more.

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