Maybe you and your girlfriend just went through one of those “talks” women are so fond of. Maybe she simply told you that she doesn’t feel “that” way for you anymore. You had no idea the relationship was this bad although you already knew you had problems. What exactly does it mean when your girlfriend doesn’t love you anymore? Here are some common queries about the problem.

Q: My girlfriend doesn’t love me and we’re still a couple but will she break up with me soon?

A: It’s likely that you can stop the break up since the two of you are still together. Did she tell you why she doesn’t feel the same way anymore? You probably need to improve on the aspect if she told you why she is breaking up with you. If she didn’t then try to think about the early days when you were very happy in the relationship. Did something change in the relationship? Try to work out what has changed and see how you can solve the problem for the relationship.


Q: My girlfriend doesn’t love me but she doesn’t want to break up. What exactly is happening?

A: To be honest, I think that she wants the relationship for the simple comfort of having one. Women especially the young ones would usually find themselves in one type of relationship or another without any pause in between. Or maybe she’s just waiting for a better guy to come along while still being with you. No matter how sad it might seem, there’s a chance that she’s just holding on to a relationship because she doesn’t want to be single. With this kind of situation, you either address the problem quick or do yourself a favor and break it off.

Q: My girlfriend doesn’t love me although I still want her in my life. What should I do if she is resistant?

A: Your girlfriend is out of your control. The only thing you can do is show her that you are trying to be a better person so that she can rethink her decision. Take the time to think about your life and see if this is really the person you want to be. If not then work towards changing your life. This could mean you losing a few pounds, striving for a better career or simply paying more attention to your girlfriend. By doing this, you’ll girlfriend will start to look at you differently as someone who wants better things in life. Seeing this, she will want to share her life with you.

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