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You can t say that you didn t notice the mobile expansion in the last few years. There was a mobile revolution in the meanwhile and the new mobile era had begun.

145 million of U.S. citizens own a smartphone device and that makes a 60.8 % of a mobile market penetration in whole population. It is a big number!

Researches show that email is the top smartphones activity. It s more often used than browsing and Facebook. That shows us how big opportunity the email marketing has in reaching smartphone s users with emails.

At this moment the email marketing still didn t fully catch up with the progress in mobile domain. Most emails aren t optimized for viewing on mobile phones and for further interaction. There are still small buttons and the readers also have to enlarge the screen and scroll through it in order to see the email. It isn t user-friendly at all!

But, things are changing. More companies are working on email marketing that s also mobile-friendly. We give you seven tips, which will make your email campaign mobile optimized.

1. Earn trust from your subscribers.

The very important thing is who are we receiving mail from. From is the first thing that we look when we open our inbox. There is a big chance that an email from unrecognized and untrusted sender won t be opened at all.

Before sending email marketing we need to work on creating trust with our recipients. It can be done also without email channels. You can get and loose trust on social media websites, in offline activities, in promotions and on many other ways.


2. Subject line is very important.

When it comes to opening mails, the second important thing is the subject line. The subject line is often the reason why a recipient will open the email or won t do it. When creating an email marketing campaign, you need to focus on creating a good subject line.

3. Preheader is also very important.

The snippet text is a synonym for preheader and that s the text we can find over the header image. It is the first text that is visible on smartphones.

You should put the unique text there and you should avoid the lines similar to In order to see this email in browser .

4. Make your call for action obvious and in big letters.

This is very important step for any email. You need to have a bold, big and obvious call for action.

There is no way that your smartphone recipients will look for your call for action. And even if they do find it, small text will also make a small link that s hard to click on, especially if a person has big fingers.

Your need to put your call for action right in front of your recipients. You need to make it big and easy to click.

5. Take responsive email design (RED) into consideration.

There are already many available optimizations for mobile devices, but the email optimization is still at the beginning of its development.

The wider use of smartphones is making it a new, big field to work on. It isn t easy to make a responsive-designed template for email, but any provider of email services or a vendor of marketing automation could assist you with it.

6. Put images into your emails.

The most email clients on smartphones have the enabled option to view images and it s set by default. Even as there is an option to turn them off, most people don t do it.

Because of the enabled images on the devices of your recipients, you should think about the images that you ll use in your email marketing campaign.

Instead of putting any image in your email, you need to get the one that is connected to your content. It should be an image that will attract the attention of your subscribers.

7. Place the unsubscribe option.

Each serious email marketing creator should respect the unsubscribe button. On mobile devices we should take care of the right placement for the unsubscribe link. It shouldn t be placed too close to the our main call for action. In this way it will be very easy to loose the subscriber with only one wrong click.

The best advice is to test your email and you should test it for all the above mentioned tips. You should fully adapt your email marketing campaign to your subscribers.

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