By Richard Dinae

When society asks, ‘Are folding dining tables a no-no?’ what do you say?

If speaking on behalf of people in the higher echelon of the community, I would say yes. For most people, however, as long as there is purpose on a certain item, why not? Why is there such an issue on buying assembled or compact furniture? This is true especially with folding dining tables. There are many uses of this type of furniture that will outnumber those expensive and elegant looking ones.

First, exactly where do we usually place a folding dining table? It is normally placed against a wall to have a breakfast nook effect. This is most likely seen in smaller houses. When people living here entertain guests, all they have to do is unfold the table so it doubles the size and may accommodate the number of people needing to use it. This is impossible in an expensive glass and alloy table meant for four. Also, when having cocktail parties, it is very easy to hide the table by folding it and transferring it into another room in the house.

Second, it is very useful for picnic trips and barbeques outdoors. You wouldn’t worry if you still have a place left to use during peak seasons like the 4th of July or New Year’s Eve.

Finally, when friends do come over, it is the perfect furniture to be used for activities because you can just drag it wherever you want without the usual heaviness of a regular table.


Over the last few years, plastic or PVC folding tables have really turned out to be the table of choice for numerous reasons. They are lighter than particleboard and plywood which make them easier to be moved around. They are also more durable since they can be dropped and not have a compressed corner like wooden tables. They won’t go out of shape because of humidity and they are perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

There are a lot of uses with the folding table. Here are some usual examples:

— Dinner table

— Gift table for parties

— Craft table

— For playing cards

— Picnics

— A small garage sale stand

— Breakfast nook

— Portable table for outings

Choosing your tables can be complicated. As dimension is the most significant aspect, keep in mind that the smaller the chair, the larger the seating capacity will be around a table. Seating capacity depends on the bulk of the person and the size of the chair. On the other hand, determining how the table will be used can also determine the amount of room that each person will need.

When you are buying folding tables, always keep in mind that you will be using it for long term use. Choose one with sturdy legs and avoid ones with mobility wheels. They help in lessening the life span of your furniture. Make sure that the value equals its price. Do a research on other types of folding dining tables before making a purchase. You will never know what options you have unless you look for information.

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