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The Internet is full of places to submit press releases and other company public relations documents. Certain websites have particular ways that articles and press releases need to be submitted; some of them have specific formatting. If I were you, I would go to the individual sites and find out what their preferences are before I got too involved with submissions.

Building a Social Media Image

There is a reputation which is formulated by the viewers of social media sites like Facebook and YouTube; make sure your company has a good one. This social media pages are a positive development to the world wide web, simply be sure that they do not turn negative. Some of the down sides to this strategy of using social media will be covered later in the article.


Facebook is a highly used social media site where millions of people go to share information about themselves and reconnect with friends, family, and old associates. It works this way for business too; it’s simply one more way for businesses to connect with their customers on a different level. I would set up accounts on Facebook and other, similar sites with profiles about my company.

I think Blogger is good for any company. I fell in love with Blogger when I first entered the Internet marketing industry. Having a Blogger account will really help your customers and potential customers feel a tie between them and your company. It’s okay to allow your companies “personality” to come out in your blog posts. Be determined to help your customers understand the content at hand; make sure you’re answering potential customers questions.

WordPress is another great blog site. In fact, if you go to, you may set up a customized blog and feed it through your own website. I would suggest, for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes, having a Blogger Blog and a WordPress Blog. Doing this will allow your company to host a blog on its own domain. It will make it easier to get some more links and comments on your site too. You want to make sure that all your articles and other content are based on themes of your company. By company related content I mean anything related to the company, what the company sells, and what the company is about.

Twitter is another social media site which has exploded in the past year or two. You can share things with hundreds of people, using Twitter; it’s a great site for publicity and reputation management. Twitter is pretty nice, just get on, get set up, and then all you have to do is go out and start tweeting. Your company could tweet about just about anything; however, I would keep it related to your company.

Marketing Implications

With positive points come negative points. Social Media is viral. This means that things will spread very quickly. If they’re good things it is good, but if they’re bad things, watch out. This is viral. Once you get something started, it becomes very difficult to stop it from spreading. Being viral means that it spreads quickly and, once something is posted online, it’s very hard to stop the inevitable process of viral marketing. If it’s good information going viral, more power to you on having it get out to as many people as possible but if it’s bad information, you’re in for a wild ride. Make sure you pay close attention to what your competitors are saying about your company too; what they say and write have the same potential to become viral and if it’s not favorable to your company, you’re in a lot of trouble.

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