byAlma Abell

Carbon steel pipe is made mostly from iron and carbon. This alloy produces an extremely durable product that is used for a wide variety of purposes in the industry today. In fact, there are many benefits to using pipe made from carbon steel, and here are just a few.

Resistance to Corrosion

Iron rusts easily but when it is alloyed with carbon and other products, it becomes very resistant to corrosion. Because of this property, builders can save money by installing carbon steel pipes that are thinner. This strategy can even be employed in corrosive environments.



Carbon steel pipe has excellent tensile strength. Tensile strength means it can withstand a great deal of tension and stress. Pipes made from carbon steel are often used in applications requiring high strength. In fact, due to this important property, smaller pipes can be used, making it easier on the installer.


Some types of pipes must be specially coated to improve corrosion resistance or resist insects. As a result, it can make the pipes toxic to handle. This is not the case with carbon steel pipe. In fact, it is used in many underground applications today because of its resistance to rot. Steel pipe sees use in many residential applications because it is fireproof and strong enough to endure hurricanes and lightning.

Shock Resistant

Carbon steel pipe is popular because of its ability to take shock and vibration. For example, when piping is installed underneath roads, it can take a lot of vibrations from above, from vehicles and heavy equipment. Steel pipe holds up well under these conditions and is favored over many other types of materials. In fact, it is frequently used in areas prone to earthquakes.

Cost Effective Solutions

Carbon steel pipe is very strong and can be made smaller and thinner than other piping materials. This makes it a cost-effective option. With excellent durability, it decreases the cost of maintenance, repairs, and replacement. In addition, it is far less expensive than using copper pipe.

Eco Friendly

Most companies have increased concern over environmental issues, and steel is one of the most recycled materials in North America. In fact, more steel is recycled than paper, aluminum, or plastic, together. Around half of the steel manufactured on the planet, is made in plants that do not create CO2 gas emissions.

When you look for carbon steel pipe suppliers, check out sources that offer a large range of services and materials. Choose a company that has been in business for many decades, to be sure you are getting quality.