By Dustin Garrido

A Las Vegas vacation for many familys is an experience to enjoy for everyone with all of the food, drink, gambling, and kid-friendly games. In fact, one of the biggest reasons that people visit Las Vegas is for the delectible Las Vegas restaurants. You do not have to be wealthy to experience many of the exquisite Las Vegas restaurants – you just have to know where to go!

Las Vegas has so much more than gambling to offer its thousands of visitors. The days when gambling was the only income stream for casinos is gone, the casinos have had to develop a multitude of income avenues to remain successful. The Las Vegas of old is nothing like the Las Vegas of today. Las Vegas has been changing year-to-year to cater to all walks of life and become the ultimate travel destination for everyone! Look at the Las Vegas sky line right now and you will be hard pressed to find any of the old Las Vegas casinos.

Las Vegas is quickly becoming a city that offers five star world-class food to its residents and tourists. Las Vegas has some of the best dining anywhere on the planet. Many of the best dining experiences are located within the Las Vegas strip casinos, but they would not be as successful as they are if there was not a reason to keep the tables full. Obviously, diners don’t tend to dine if the food isn’t any good, and for a first-class Las Vegas restaurant, one bad review will travel around the world faster than ten good reviews. This means that all of the world-class Las Vegas restaurants really must work hard to earn their badges of honor in order to bring in the customers to stay in business.


However, not all of the Las Vegas restaurants will cost you an arm and a leg. I personally tend to look for the dining bargains and that is what this particular article focuses on. There are many great places to eat in Las Vegas that will not have you busting open your wallet. Now my wife is a steak loving woman so I always try to look for good steak bargains around town. She loves the Sahara’s Caravan Cafe. Here you can get a complete prime rib dinner with a baked potato and your choice of soup or salad for only $8.99 (4:30pm to 7pm). They even offer a large T-bone steak dinner for just $13.99. This is truly one of the many unknown Las Vegas restaurant gems that is known for providing good food at a price that easy on your wallet.

This is just one of the many Las Vegas restaurants that a family can get an affordable, and great tasting meal in a Las Vegas strip casino. Not all great bargains involve steaks though, as there are a lot of high quality, inexpensive Las Vegas restaurants to be found. Many Las Vegas casinos offer valuable coupon books, provided that you ask for them at the front desk. Please note that you will want to be cautious of these coupons because many of them have fine print. So make sure to read the coupons fine print before you try to use it! Oftentimes, they will have some type of restriction that could cost you in the long run. However, using coupons effectively can and will save you money that you can then use for whatever you desire! Go ahead and put some of that money you saved on dinner and put it on the tables – you just might get lucky!

Eating cheap in Las Vegas by no means indicates a lack of quality. While it may not be as pricey as some of the five star Las Vegas restaurant offerings, you will find that a lot of the cheaper places to eat will taste just as good as many of the more high-class Las Vegas restaurants, and it’s just nice to get away from buffet food lines once in a while during your Las Vegas stay. You can only endure so many buffets before they all begin looking and tasting alike.

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