Every day brings a new day to face challenges. Some days start out better than other. We never know exactly what our day is going to be like but getting up and facing it is step one. How we deal with adversity is very critical whether we will be successful or not. One of my favorite slogans I adapt here for our affiliate marketing efforts is when the going gets tough, the tough get their business internet money online opportunity going.Here are five steps to address in experimenting. Look at an experiment as a good opportunity to fine tune your business internet money online opportunity to make more money online.(1) Plan out your experiment.Before you do anything, plan what you want to do in your experiment with your business internet money online opportunity to make more money online. Planning is important and will help you determine the areas that you have control over and the variables you won’t in your experiment. You can also determine your expected results and compare your results with what actually happens. For instance, you will plan on only changing your landing page for your campaign and keep everything else constant and expect in 30 days you will have more sales. This is an example of a simple and practical experiment for your business internet money online opportunity to make more money online.(2) Make small changes and observe how they do.In any experiment, you need to be sure and make small changes. These minor adjustments need to be documented and then compared. For instance you are using keywords such as “business internet money” and struggling to get it number one in a Google search. Change your keywords to or add a new keyword such as “online business money” and observe if this improves your position. In any experiment small changes are more manageable.(3) Evaluate the environment for your experiment.Whenever conducting an experiment, we need to establish a baseline to try to ensure we have consistency. The environment we work in for affiliate marketing consists of the internet, Google, Yahoo, search engines of which we have little and no control over changes to them. But we do control our niche market, keywords, article generation and things that can be held as constants. By maintaining a baseline environment and determining an area we want to change our experiment will have an easier way to determine the results.(4) Conduct your experiment.After you have made your plan, made the small changes to your baseline environment, you will need to conduct your experiment. Part of your plan would have been determining how long you want to take to make observations that you will have results for your experiment. Give it adequate time. For new keywords to work might take at least 30 days. For a landing page to be impacted could take even longer. Stick to your plan and conduct your experiment.(5) Evaluate the results of your experiment.The time has come to evaluate your results. You have documented all your results or feedback and as any good scientist observed variables during your experiment that might have had an impact to the results. For example, your internet service provider did a major upgrade that had an impact to your landing page being available. Take everything into consideration look at your data you have collected and draw your conclusions. Hopefully your experiment will be successful. The process will have improved your marketing campaign or even helped you determine what additional experiments you should conduct to help you fine tune your business internet money online opportunity to make more money online.If you want the best resource to teach you how to start your business internet money online opportunity to consistently make money online go to 4-Day Money Making Blueprint or go to Make Money Online.