Apple takes you to another level of keeping in touch with people who are most important to you. FaceTime is one the new amazing features of Apple’s iPhone 4. It allows you to make video calls that let you connect and watch your friends, relatives, and loved ones located across the globe. Here is a step-by-step guide that will show you how to use this application on your iPhone 4.

First, it is important that the other person you wish to call has either one of the following: an iPhone 4, Mac with Wi-Fi connection, iPad 2, or a 4th generation iPod touch. These Apple products have technical specifications that support FaceTime application. You should also take into consideration if this application is supported by the country or region of the person you would like to call.

Next, know the other party’s phone number and email address. These are the important information that you need before you will be able to start a call using FaceTime. If you would like to call another person who uses an iPhone 4, you need to use his phone number. Use his email address if he has an iPod touch, Mac with a Wi-Fi network connection, or an iPad 2. It is important to know that you need to include this person first to your FaceTime contacts before you can have a video call with him.


You have two options to start a video call using FaceTime application on your iPhone 4. First, click the FaceTime icon while you are on an ongoing phone call. This action will send an invite to the other person you are calling to also engage on a video call using the same application. The other option is finding the name of the person you wish to call on your contact list. Click the application button and again, this will send an invite to the other party to use this application.

If you are having a problem on initiating a video call on your iPhone 4 using FaceTime, try to do the following step. Go to your iPhone’s Settings menu and click the Phone option. Do this to turn on and off this application on your phone. If you cannot use FaceTime on a particular person on your contact list, you need to check the following. Make sure that you have the person’s correct phone number and email address. Check if you are using the right information and the right method to call this person using FaceTime.

Remember that if you like to call another party who has an iPhone 4, you need to contact him on his number. But if he uses an iPod touch, iPad2, or Mac, you need to contact him on his email address. You also need to check if he has already verified the use of this application on his email address using an Apple ID account. If you still cannot use FaceTime application on your iPhone 4, you can contact Apple’s online or phone customer support services to help you solve this issue.

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