Facts About Hot Stone Massage



One of the most popular massage techniques all over the world nowadays is the hot stone massage. This form of massage therapy involves the combination of the more traditional massage techniques (kneading the muscles) and the use of heated stones.

Massage therapists normally use the stones by placing them in specific areas of the body like the back, areas between the toes or on the palm. These stones warm-up the muscles in problem areas, relieve any discomfort and also help improve circulation.


The hot stone massage technique has been used in several cultures that date back many centuries ago. In Hawaiian culture, the hot lava stones or Pohaku, were wrapped in leaves and then placed on areas of the body that needed relief from pain or discomfort. The stones cause oils from the leaves to be released and these oils relieved pain. The Pohaku is also now being used in the massage technique called Lomi Lomi.

In Native American cultures, hot stones were used in detoxification and purification practices within the sweat lodges. Hot stones were passed around and the participants would hold them against the areas of their bodies that have discomfort or pain.

A variety of the hot stone massage is the lava shell treatment that involves the use of tiger-stripe clam shells mainly from the Philippines. The tiger-striped clam shells are heated by a mixture of minerals, essential oils and algae that are put inside them to make the shells heat up. They are then placed on problem areas of the body.

The hot stones that are used in hot stone massages are basalt stones which are rich in iron so they retain heat well. They are heated up until they are warm but not too hot that they can cause burns. The stones are used either in shallow Swedish-style massages that involve the placing of the stones on the palm or having the stones placed between the massage therapist s fingers to aid in the kneaded of deeper muscles that have become tightly knotted.

The hot stones may also be placed on parts of the body for several minutes in order for them to warm-up the muscles underneath. This relaxes the muscles and provides relaxation and relief.

Hot stone massage also has health benefits aside from being relaxing. The heat from the stones can be used to give a person relief from muscle pain or discomfort which has been caused by tight and knotted muscles.

These hot stones can also provide people with relief from inflammation that have been caused due to chronic joint ailments. Circulation is also improved by using the hot stones and toxins are removed from the muscles.

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