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Forex Fortune Signal has an extensive database filled with members willing to help each other out. They have an exclusive forum to help members prefect their strategies. You can rest assured that the rest of the world will not have access to any of your secrets. With members posting their methods and other tests on these forums you can quickly pick up the skills you need to make money with forex trading.

Forex Fortune Signal has worked on their system first before they started to brand their image. You know that what you’re paying for is genuine content from people who want to make your life easier and not some elaborate scheme to get your money as quickly as possible. They have catered their system in such a way that it can recognize patterns and help improve your trading experience. It can accurately predict when its a good time to sell or buy a certain currency pair. During our testing we found that Forex Fortune Signal provides one of the most accurate predictions compared to other competitors of the same price range.


It is in the best interest for any company to help their users make money. However, it is known that many forex signal providers only do the bare minimum necessary to convince the users to purchase their services. You know just by using Forex Fortune Signal service that this is a company that wants to improve the forex experience for their users. They are completely capable of making the user feel welcomed and not overwhelmed. Forex Fortune Signal gives you a very easy transition from newbie to expert without you feeling overworked. They have informative resources at hand along with tutorials to help the user become familiar with the Forex Fortune Signal system as well as with the forex market in general. We scanned through the tutorials and they do seem very in depth and provided great little tips about the Forex market.

Customer service rates very high on our markings as well. Customer service was very quite courteous to our testers and they were able to answer in a clear and informative way without driving you around the bend. We tried emailing, calling, and chatting with them. To our surprise, they were able to answer our email within a couple of hours and we didn’t have to wait days for their response. Chat had an instant respond time of course and when we were sort of vague about our problem or question, the chat representative was not hesitant to clarify. When we tried calling them, we were not put on hold for long periods of time.

For someone who wants a Forex Fortune Signal membership they can currently pay $97 a month. They took about 100 dollars off the normal price just to get people interested in this limited time offer. If you feel like Forex Fortune Signal is not a service provider for you, then you can always request your money back within 60 days.

We took a look inside and got a feel for the program. The user interface is very flexible to the user’s needs. However, there are some benefits tucked away that you will not see right off the bat. They have tutorials about how to use their program, so taking a little moment to read them is definitively beneficial. Overall the system is fool-proof and pretty easy to understand. The tutorials showing you certain features also adds a nice touch and will greatly help people familiarize themselves with Forex Fortune Signal.

We would have to say that after reviewing Forex Fortune Signal, we would give them a 9 out of a 10.

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