By Scott Lindsay

Meta tags are a tiny but yet important aspect of developing a internet site. These are to any website what hands are to a human body. An individual can live with no fingers, although it’s far easier to get virtually all jobs completed for those who have ten of them. The same thing can certainly be stated whenever you make a website without making use of meta tags. Your website could operate without having them, but will certainly work far better with them, as long as they are used smartly.

Meta tags are HTML tags which can be written right into a web page’s source code. These types of tags are able to be read by search engine robots, as they are utilized by robots to be able to establish exactly what a page’s content material is about. This info is used to help the search engine position a webpage for particular keywords and phrases.

There are two main types of meta tags: ‘description’ and also ‘keywords’ tags. The two forms are widely-used to furnish clues to the search engines in regards to what the page is all about.

The description tag delivers an overall overview of the web page. Quite simply, it is just a quick summary (the ‘Coles Notes’ version) of the textual content that appears on just that page. A search engine spider uses this info to make a determination concerning keyword ranking. Description tags are not normally noticeable to the web-surfing consumer except if they have a look at the page’s actual source code.

The keywords tag is actually one that can be programmed utilizing keywords that are based on the written text on a website page. The developer can easily enclose a term, terms or perhaps a phrase from within the text on a page by using one of these types of tags and also implement keywords in which illustrate that particular term or terms. One example could be tagging the word ‘Chardonnay’ on a page together with keywords such as ‘white wine, wine’.

Just like description tags, keyword tags are implemented mostly to supply data to search engine spiders. Even so, they can certainly be made visible for the internet surfer simply by utilizing the mouse and hovering over a tagged term. The particular keywords are going to be seen above it.


Various search engines put different values on meta tags in relation to precisely how they list a website. They are certainly not the most crucial element for a page’s rank. In fact, a page can certainly still rank, possibly even rank nicely, without using them.

Nevertheless, implementing them strategically can enhance the appeal of a block of wording to the major search engines. Positioning them into the appropriate locations and using the right kind of wording is going to enhance the writing on a page and also make sure that it does get ranked for the particular keywords that the website’s owner intended it to.

Any of these four suggestions will help you generate more strategic meta tags as well as boost the probability of getting a greater ranking for the appropriate search terms:

1) Never over-use meta tags. Enclosing each and every term of your content with one will probably be seen as ‘spam’ by the various search engines. Search engines despise spam, and therefore do not want to be manipulated. If you are using this strategy, search engines may either disregard the page or drop it from the search rankings entirely.

2) Be certain that meta tags aren’t too wordy. When creating a keyword tag, for instance, restrict the number of terms to twelve or less. This really is enough to get search engines pointed in the proper direction. Plus, like over-using tags in general, stuffing a tag with excessive key terms can hurt one’s search rankings.

Description tags, nevertheless, are meant to be somewhat longer. They need to consist of a maximum of 250 words, and must also consist of a few of the same key terms that one’s written text does. This particular description needs to be a synopsis, and not the story itself.

3) Don’t attempt to fool search engines with deceitful tags. In the early days of search engines, this kind of strategy occasionally worked. Even so, search engine developers got wise to this one very quickly. If the keywords in your meta tags are totally different from the ones in the authentic textual content, they will likely overlook or prohibit one’s own internet page and possibly even the whole website.

4) Don’t over-rely on meta tags to get desired search rankings. Occasionally when a programmer puts together a site he thinks that meta tags alone are going to help the particular website rank effectively, and well. Meta tags, though, are really more like an add-on rather than the full outfit. Nobody would likely go to any elegant function dressed in blue jeans with a t-shirt, carry a fashionable hand bag and believe that they are dressed up enough to be admitted.

This is also true regarding meta tags. They are not intended to stand alone, but to enhance the entire page’s ability to yield a higher standing for the appropriate terminology.

Regardless if you make a website for your business yourself or you actually hire out the task, make certain that those meta tags are implemented appropriately. They might be the difference between Internet profits and Web oblivion.

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