Getting Duplicate Keys From A Motorcycle Locksmith In El Segundo

February 9th, 2019

byAlma Abell

You may think of calling a locksmith when you are locked out of your home, car or safe, but did you know you can also use their services if you lose your motorcycle key? Well, you can. In fact, a locksmith is an affordable and convenient choice for replacing your lost key quickly and easily.

There are several ways for you to handle this type of situation. First, you will need to find a qualified Motorcycle Locksmith in El Segundo. Not all locksmiths will have the blanks, or the ability, to cut keys for motorcycles. Call ahead before you waste a trip to make certain your locksmith is capable of handling this service.

Once you have an appointment with a Motorcycle Locksmith in El Segundo, you will have several options for getting the keys made. To begin with, go to their office. This will save you the additional charge of having them come out to your location. You can either tow the motorcycle to their shop yourself, or you can remove and take in the ignition switch.

If your motorcycle is newer, there may be a digital chip in the key. This does not mean you will need to take the bike to a dealer for a duplicate key. These only difference with these keys is that they need to be programmed, which many locksmiths are capable of doing.

If you purchased your motorcycle new, and still have the original paperwork, the programming key will be included on the paperwork. If not, there are online resources to help retrieve programming codes, or it can also be retrieved from a dealership.

Bring your registration when you have your key made. Your locksmith will need to see this information to prove you are the owner of the motorcycle. Many locksmiths will not perform any services without this type of information.

When a key is lost, a trip to the dealership or replacing the ignition switch are not your only hope. If it happens to you, remember that a Motorcycle Locksmith like Hamilton’s Lock and Key Service El Segundo can get the job done just as quickly, and often for much less money. Browse website for more information.

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