byAlma Abell

Accidents happen everyday. If you are in an accident due to someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, pain and suffering and any other losses you may face. Some of the most common accidents people deal with are car and Motorcycle Accidents in Easton, PA. If you’re involved in this type of accident, it may be difficult to deal with the automobile insurance companies on your own. They’re out to protect themselves, not the injured party. Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer in Bethlehem, PA will ensure that your legal rights are protected and you get the compensation that you deserve.


Most personal injury attorneys offer free consultations to learn about your case. They’ll want you to explain the accident to them in detail. If you have any police reports, accident reports or medical records, bring them to the consultation, as they’ll prove to be helpful to the attorney. Make sure you tell the entire story and are truthful about what happened. It’s imperative that the attorney know everything to be able to represent you well. Make sure the attorney you choose is someone you’re comfortable speaking with. You’ll be working closely with him or her during the duration of your case and it’s important that you’re able to communicate well.

Don’t worry if you don’t have money to pay for an attorney, if you’ve been hurt in an accident. Most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis. This means that they don’t expect money upfront. They take a predetermined percentage of your settlement, if and when your case settles. This is standard procedure for a personal injury case. Most attorneys take somewhere between 33 – 40% of the settlement as payment. Many will also take additional office expense out of your settlement too. This covers copies, telephone calls, and additional legal fees. Though this is all standard, make sure you understand what the fees will be prior to signing anything so you aren’t surprised at the deductions to your settlement check, when it arrives.

Hiring an attorney to help you navigate through your personal injury case is a good idea. The attorney will help protect your best interests and ensure you get the compensation you deserve.