How Do Professionals Move Piano Upstairs- And Can You Move a Piano Upstairs Yourself


Joyce PianoHave you ever felt nervous because you have to move a piano up a flight of stairs or two flights of stairs?Could you imagine yourself being in the position of moving the piano up the stairs?I am sure you would want piano movers Cleveland and piano mover Ohio to help you move your piano up the stairs just because you want to avoid the stress and risk associated with moving the piano.I promise at the end of this article, you will thank me for writing on this, you will also see reasons why Cleveland piano movers are always in the best position to move your piano up the stairs.For most people, the task of moving a piano up the stairs is very discouraging as a result of phobia. To avoid this fear, there are professional movers of piano in Cleveland that have knowledge on the proper techniques and to ensure that the right steps are followed to move the piano upstairs.If you don’t have experience moving your piano up the stairs before, then Ohio piano movers should be hired, even moving your piano from room to room requires the role of experts.Since you know that professionals Ohio piano movers are in the best place to move your piano upstairs, then how do professionals move the piano upstairs?Equipment used by professional for moving piano.The equipment that is required includes straps, moving dollies, planks and heavy duty gloves are what you need to move your piano up the stairs safely. If you have never heard of these tools used by Cleveland piano movers to move the piano then we this article will quickly go over them.Professional moving strapsThis is one of the most important tools needed by Ohio piano movers to move piano. The major reason why you Cleveland piano movers use the moving strap is to keep all the moving parts of the piano in place.The lid of the piano needs to be strapped down to prevent fingers and hands from getting trapped during the process of moving the piano up the stairs.Dollies and planks are another set of equipment needed for moving the piano.The dollies and planks are also imperative when moving pianos up the staircases, the dollies and plank helps in maneuvering the piano.Cleveland piano movers will secure the planks to go up the stairs and will then place the piano on a dolly, after this has been done, the piano is rolled up the plank and the Cleveland piano movers don’t have to carry the piano at each individual step.It is always advisable to get Professional Ohio piano movers to handle this part because accidents happen easily with unpracticed DIY movers.Gloves should always be worn when moving the pianoI don’t think this equipment needs explanation but safe and ethical reason demands Ohio piano movers to wear their gloves while moving the piano. The gloves worn by piano Cleveland movers are for enhanced control.Wearing the proper gloves gives a proper stronghold grip while during the process, it also prevent the hand from slipping.Using of gloves by Ohio piano movers has a symbiotic benefit as it is beneficial for the valuable piano and the mover.Having explained the major equipment needed, the question is if you can move a piano up yourself?I am sure most people after reading this will have the feeling that they can move the piano upstairs themselves but it is left to you to make your decision. The few questions that will be asked include; the number of stairs that is involved in the process, the number of turns and landing available on the stairs (some stairs don’t have turns and landing)Finally the steepness of the stai9rs needs to be considered. The difficulty of the layout of the place where the piano will be moved or where the piano is going is a determinant. Piano Cleveland, Ohio piano movers and Cleveland Ohio movers are licensed movers that give you the best when it comes to piano moving.I hope this article has been helpful on how professionals move piano upstairs.

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