By Nelson Berry

Do you find yourself earning a lot but saving only a small amount of money every month? Do you find yourself sometimes wondering where the rest of your earnings went? Even people who earn the same amount of money don’t all get rich. Sometimes, it’s all a matter of who manages their money well.

If you really want to see your savings grow, you need strict money management skills. If not, you’ll be wondering where all your efforts to earn go.

If you’re actually wondering that, here are some smart money management tips on how you can manage your money and grow your savings.

1. Prioritize important bills. Every month, set aside a set amount for your monthly bills. Run through the usual bills you pay each month and check whether they are really important. Usually, the important bills include your household utilities, cellphone bills, cable TV bills, grocery expenses, gas/transportation expense, medications/vitamins, and any insurance plan you invested on.


Compute how much all the important expenses add up to every month. Pay them immediately once you get your salary. Don’t wait for the due dates of your bills; chances are, you’ll spend the money on something else. Once you’ve paid off all expenses, what remains of your salary can go straight to your savings.

2. Cancel unnecessary expenses. If you have a gym membership, ask yourself if you actually go to the gym. If not, you’re paying unnecessarily for something you don’t maximize. If you have club memberships and magazine subscriptions, ask yourself if you really get something valuable from those expenditures. If not, cancel them out. You can most likely live without them anyway.

In fact, think carefully if you can make do without some of your usual expenses. For example, people these days spend most of their time out of the home. And since you have your cellphone anyway, you can even have your house phone cancelled too.

3. Change the way you feel when you get your hands on your salary. The most effective way to save is to set aside a set amount of money from your monthly earnings. Unfortunately, for some people, saving money is easier said than done. Most people treat their salary as if it has ‘spend while supply last’ stamped on it. Once they get their earnings every month, they immediately come up with the list of things they need to buy. Afterwards, they will be wondering if they really needed what they bought. The worst part is when they suddenly need extra or emergency money; without any savings, they won’t have a backup supply of cash when the need arises.

The point is, if the money is in your hands, that does not mean you have to spend it.

One way to change your perception about your salary is to send subliminal messages to your subconscious, to put a stop to the buying and spending impulses that have set up shop in there. Your subconscious is what dictates most of your impulses and habits. So even if your conscious mind tells you to save, you somewhat subconsciously feel the freedom to spend when you get your hands on your salary. So you have to change your mind from the subconscious level. To do this, you need to send subliminal messages designed to make you a better manager of your money.

Here are some examples:

I manage money wisely.

I see my savings grow. I make smart decisions about money.

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