Keeping Your House Safe From Termites

November 7th, 2018

Keeping Your House Safe From Termites


Sam Gerald

If you own a home, there are few things that can threaten your investment more than termites. There are over 4,000 species of this insect on Earth, and up to 10% of those species present a clear threat to the structural integrity of homes and businesses. This threat is a result of the chosen food source for the insects, which is wood and other dead plant material that can be used in the construction of houses. They are a highly social insect, with a strict division of labor among their large and intricate nests.

They generally have a queen, who produces offspring and is the center of the nest or colony. The most problematic strata of the insects are the workers. They are the most numerous in a colony and are the individuals responsible for the greatest overall damage to any wood in a structure that they have inhabited. The unfortunate fact of the matter regarding termite infestations is that due to their small size and reclusive nature they can cause a significant amount of damage before their nests are even detected or eradicated. In fact, often the damage done to a house by the time an infestation is discovered is over $3,000. Because they are so potentially damaging, there should be no stone left unturned when it comes to complete and effective termite control.

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There are several things that must be taken into consideration when evaluating a program to get rid of these damaging insects. The first thing is that if a house is unprotected around its perimeter, even getting rid of the insects inside the house will not solve the problem for good. Because most social insects are part of a larger colony, those inside the house represent only the tip of the iceberg. Therefore the best defense against further damage caused by the insects is to purchase a product that will act as a barrier to the house. The most effective of these are formulated to be colorless and odorless, so that the termites will be unaware that they are being targeted until it is too late. Most brands of termite control products also utilize a slow acting main ingredient that will force the insects to take the pesticide back to their nest or colony, thereby decreasing the population of other bugs. By using a barrier product in combination with baits designed to kill the bugs already in the house, you can ensure that your house will be safe from damage for years to come.

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