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If you\’ve been looking for a plastic surgeon in Lancaster PA Botox was probably the first type of treatment that you found listings for a simple search yields at least 7 clinics that only serve Lancaster County. Many people, especially the older generation in PA, choose to get collagen injections in their face to prevent frown lines and smooth out preexisting wrinkles. There are other areas of the body that the injections can be used at, too. It\’s important to note that it is possible to lose sensation and movement at the injection site temporarily. For some, this is a deterrent and they choose to forgo the treatments because the potential discomfort outweighs the benefits.

It doesn\’t have to be difficult to choose a clinic in Lancaster, PA. Botox is a relatively easy procedure, and most skilled professionals can inject it properly. That being said, you should never allow anyone to inject Botox, or equivalent formulas, in your body. For example, Botox parties are a very bad idea, and have a very high potential for negative side effects. The best way to see what kind of work your prospective doctor can do is to look at before and after photos of their previous clients. Most plastic surgeons have a portfolio of their work, and it will give you a good idea of the type of results you can expect.


While you\’re making your decision about which clinic you want to schedule an appointment at, make sure that you find a doctor that doesn\’t try to force their opinion on you. After all, it\’s your face, and they shouldn\’t try to remodel it for you, no matter how many people rave about their skills in Lancaster, PA. Botox is meant to enhance the face, and you should have the option of choosing how subtle the enhancement is. On the other hand, you should also make sure you find a doctor that isn\’t afraid to tell you that your idea probably won\’t turn out well. This will prevent you from choosing an injection amount that will freeze your facial features, among other things.

On a final note, there are plenty of clinics to choose from that offer Lancaster PA juvederm and Botox. Both are common procedures, and you shouldn\’t feel rushed to schedule an appointment. If you don t like what one clinic has to offer, you can always find several more that offer the same thing in Lancaster, PA. Botox isn\’t an expensive treatment; so don\’t let yourself pay more than you have to, either. It\’s important to check for prior lawsuits involving the clinic, as well. For example, in 2010 at least one plastic surgeon in Lancaster County was sued for malpractice.


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