Thank You Different Ways To Say Thank You

August 5th, 2018

By Andrea Cox

People always appreciate a thank you especially if it is unexpected. There are lots of different reasons for saying thank you and its good to show your appreciation. Perhaps your neighbour has fed your cat or watered your garden whilst youve been away on holiday – a small job but a big weight off your mind. Children say thank you to a lovely teacher at the end of the school year and adults say thank you to their friends for a delicious meal or a perfect weekend.

How to say thank you

Well you could just send a card and some flowers. Traditional but always effective – a small box of hand made chocolates full of your friends favourite centres. You can fill a small box for about 5 and have fun choosing them from the cabinet. Some like nuts, some truffles and some soft centres in white, milk or dark chocolate.

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Another way of saying thank you is to offer your services. Offer to help weed the garden, baby-sit or walk the dog. There are always some jobs that people struggle to get round to that always end up at the bottom of the to do list. Mine is the garden and sorting out my wardrobe. Help your friend de-clutter, then take her shopping and help her choose some new things to wear.

Give a food thank you

Bake a cake. Everyone loves a homemade cake. Why not bake their favourite as a thank you and give it to them in a lovely cake tin that they can keep. Or present it on a cake plate or stand that they will treasure.

Cook their favourite dish. Bake a lasagne, shepherds pie or curry. If they dont want to eat it straight away they can put it into the freezer. Think how much theyll appreciate it when they enjoy a labour-free dinner courtesy of you. Present it in a lovely new baker and once theyve polished off the shepherds pie they will have a permanent token of your gratitude.

Say thank you with blooms

Plant spring bulbs in their garden – a lovely thank you that will endure and theyll be reminded of you when their garden is full of daffodils and tulips. Give your friend a vase or jug decorated with a special thank you message that they can fill with their home-grown cut flowers.

Pack a picnic and arrange a day out for them. Send them a map of where they are to head for and meet them at their final destination with lunch all ready prepared. Personalise mugs or plates with their names or special message in the hamper for them to take home with them.

The thanking of someone for their generosity is a special gift which should be matched with something out of the ordinary. To surprise a special friend with a gift that would make them smile is priceless, thats the magic of knowing what makes a friend tick to be able to give them the perfect present.

About the Author: Andrea Cox writes editorial for Emma Bridgewater UK, a company that specialises in handmade pottery which are ideal as thank you gifts.


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