Air Conditioning Units Honolulu are major appliances that help reduce allergens, dust, mold, and debris in a home’s air. This device makes air suitable for household occupants and interior assets by regulating moisture and heat in the air. When you have an AC system with a malfunction, it’s essential to fix it promptly to restore functionality to your home-based climate control system. Before you call a repairman, use the following guidelines to get your AC running again.


When an air conditioner does not run right, there may not be a problem. Instead, there can be an improper operation of the unit. To see if this is the case for your AC system, start by checking the power source. Look at your main entrance panel. Two switches or fuses allow power to flow to the condenser and the evaporator. Both of these safety devices should be in the “on” mode. You may have to replace a tripped circuit breaker or replace a fuse when either one does not work.

Next, check the thermostat on your air conditioner. It should be in the “on” and “cool” modes. The temperature setting should be lower than the temperature of the room. This may sound basic, but some homeowners misunderstand the way their thermostats work. It’s helpful to check the filter. This object traps allergens, dust, and debris. When it has too much of this material, it can cause the AC system to malfunction. Replace a dirty disposable filter and clean a metal filter. You can purchase an inexpensive replacement using the letters and numbers on the side of your old filter. Visit website for complete details.

Check out the drain-line for your air conditioner. As your AC system treats indoor air, it produces condensate. This excess fluid exits the air conditioner through this small pipe. It can carry dust, debris, and allergens with it. When conditions are right, algae can grow inside a drain-line. All of this material can be an obstacle for the AC system and prevent it from working right. Clean the drain-line often to keep this from happening.

When the above actions fail to get your air conditioner working right, it may be necessary to call a professional like the ones at Air Source Air Conditioning. This company can handle services for residential and commercial Air Conditioning Units Honolulu.