What You Must Consider Before You Go Ahead With Federal Debt Cosolidation Loans Part 2


Manu GeolWe all know that Federal student loans are a very popular choice among students who are looking for financial aid to pursue further education. And there are several kinds of Federal student loans that are available to the students. For student loan consolidation, there are Federal student loan consolidation programs too. However, like any important financial decision, you need to consider several factors before you actually go ahead with a Federal student consolidation loan. In the first part of this article, we discussed that one of the most important things to keep in mind is the potential debt trap that you could fall into if you didn’t control your unnecessary expenses and used the additional money-bandwidth that you get by reducing your monthly student loan repayments through Federal college education loan consolidation. We will now take this discussion further and look into other factors that influence the decision with regards to Federal debt consolidation loans.Here, you need to understand that when you consolidate your student loans you are actually increasing the repayment term for your student loans i.e. your total cost of the student debt increases and you end up paying more money to lenders (as the student consolidated loan interest).  Moreover, you might have to let go of other borrower benefits that might have been offered on your unconsolidated student loans. And sometimes these could be quite alluring e.g. discounted interest rates, rebates on the principal amount, benefits with regards to loan cancellation etc are some such alluring benefits that will prompt you to think twice before consolidating your student loans. However, that doesn’t mean that you rule out the student loan consolidation option completely. Sometimes, it might still make a lot more sense to go for Federal college student loan consolidation. This is especially true when the rate of interest on the new consolidated student Federal loan is lower than the weighted average of interest rate of the loans you are trying to consolidate. Yes, it can happen in some cases especially when the interest rates on student loans have climbed down since the time you got your student loans. So, you might actually need to work out the whole cost-benefit equation using a pen and paper in order to make a wise decision.All these are the factors that you need to consider before you go ahead with the decision of consolidating your various student loans into one Federal consolidated student loan.

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