byAlma Abell

There are many physical attributes that make up the whole person but perhaps none is more important and more beautiful than a winning smile. A great smile not only is radiant, it gives a wonderful boost of confidence and those that are lucky enough to have it usually have a great attitude and outlook on life. It’s unfortunate but it is the truth, people who have chipped or cracked teeth, teeth that are terribly stained or discolored do not tend to display the same level of confidence and as a result they are not enjoying life to its fullest. This is where a skilled cosmetic dentist in Colorado Springs can make a world of difference.

There are a number of dental procedures that a cosmetic dentist can employ to give you the brilliant smile that you are looking for. These procedures can restore the teeth of any patient to their original, natural beauty. Cosmetic dentistry can also revise teeth; it is possible to replace teeth that are missing or correct problems such as misaligned teeth or an overbite. Once you have made an appointment with a cosmetic dentist in Colorado Springs you have taken the first step to an enhanced smile which in itself will result in an increase in confidence.


Many people do not even realize that they have had cosmetic dentistry. Anyone who has had a crown fitted or has had a tooth colored filling has enjoyed the benefits. Cosmetic dentistry is a specialty within the dental profession where you can enhance your smile and looks.

As people age there are a number of things that happen; one of them is the tendency for the teeth to discolor. Often discolored teeth are the result of drinking coffee and tea as well as smoking. Today there is no reason to accept discolored teeth; they can be brought back to their normal brightness but having them bleached. Many people think that the color of their teeth is on the surface; the enamel, this is not the case. The enamel on your teeth is basically translucent; the tooth color is dependent on the layer below which is the dentin. It is the dentin that determines the color of the teeth and when it becomes stained, it can be treated by a cosmetic dentist in Colorado Springs. The treatment is quick and inexpensive and quickly transforms your looks.

Not every cosmetic procedure is a quick as teeth bleaching, in some cases the program can run several months but the wait is well worth it.

If you are unhappy with the visual appearance of your teeth there are a number of things that a cosmetic dentist in Colorado Springs can do to enhance your smile. You are welcome to call Lehman Drive Dental for an appointment.