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Deciding which career path to take is a big decision and should be based not only on your skills and experience but also on what you enjoy. Engineering is a technical industry which requires excellent skills in science, maths and IT and essentially is the profession of applying practical knowledge in order to design, construct and maintain.

There are many engineering careers, all of which allow you to specialise in different areas. We have therefore come up with a brief overview of the types of engineering jobs so that you are able to see if an engineering career is right for you.

Aerospace engineering involves the design and construction of aircraft using scientific and technological ideas. There are two main focuses within this industry as due to technology advancing rapidly, the aircraft inside and outside the Earth\’s atmosphere is constantly developing. Within aerospace engineering, there is therefore the opportunity to specialise in either aeronautical engineering or astronautical engineering.

Biomedical engineers employ engineering techniques to the medical field. This engineering job is a relatively new field and focuses on researching, designing, creating and evaluating biological and medical products such as prosthetics, pharmaceutical drugs or diagnostic equipment. Biomedical engineers work closely with medical professionals and tend to be employed by the health services.


Chemical engineers lead to important discoveries about different processes and materials. Like other engineering jobs, the focus is on design, construction and development but with a more specified concentration on the process of raw materials and how they can be transformed.

Civil engineering, one of the oldest forms of engineering involves designing, constructing and maintaining the physical and natural environment. Civil engineers have the opportunity to work on various construction projects including building roads, dams and bridges.

Electrical engineering jobs involve the study of the design and maintenance of different electrical systems focussing especially on the safety, reliability and sustainability of the various control systems. A popular area of work for electrical engineers is telecommunications.

Environmental engineering applies several scientific principles in order to improve the environment in order to ensure minimal pollution, clean water and environmental sustainability.


Engineering jobs

involve not only researching and designing materials but the development of these materials in order to advance technology further. In a world where technology is developing rapidly, materials engineers are essential to ensure that the raw materials end up as durable, cost-effective products. They may work with materials such as chemicals, glass, plastics and rubber.

Mechanical engineers focus on mechanical power and need to have a good understanding of science based principles for example fluid, heat and energy associated values. They may work within various industries and can work on all stages of a product, starting with the research and design and moving forward onto manufacturing and installing the product.


Engineering jobs

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