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Flirting is the only way to successful dating and as much as we would want to deny it, it helps us show our appreciation in a big way. Words are a perfect way of flirting but as you already know actions speak louder than words. Body language in flirting is a perfect tool to communicating your massage. For example a lifted eye brow is a flirting technique inviting games. If you see someone looking at you with half closed eyes you will most likely interpret it as flirting body language. It is meant to create a less tense atmosphere for dating environment. There is a lot which can be read from flirting body language. They stand for a million words.

If a person steps on you under the table with a bare foot, you will off course start looking at that person in a different perspective. It is a flirting body language used to suggest intimacy to the other person. The flirting technique used should be able to pass the exact message without misinterpretations. If you want to be just close to somebody, holding hands is enough to pass on the message. Body language in flirting is very crucial lest you are caught up in a scandal where you have to explain your behavior. For example do not dare spank a colleague who you are not used to. You will be risking to lose her completely.


Flirting body language does not only involve touching. It is the flirting reaction seen in our bodies without speaking even a single word. It is a perfect flirting language as it is safe not only for the deaf and blind but also for able people. Use of body language in flirting increases the chances of converting flirtation into dating. The unspoken words grow inside the two people establishing a strong and immense chemistry. Just like you cannot be able to hide a cough you will eventually show and confess your love for each other. This flirting technique is the best since the words “i love you” are brought out when an individual really means them. You might be hesitant to flirt with words but body language makes flirting so effortless it is unbelievable.

Most stammerers and people suffering from words deficiency love to use body language in flirting. Eyes are the windows of the soul and will mostly say what you are reluctant to blurt out. Use of eyes and other facial expressions are good flirting techniques because you might be forgiven for being naughty. Sizing up a person of the opposite sex with your smiling eyes, from up to down and blowing them a kiss tells them they look smart and you appreciate it. This will make them to start developing a soft spot for you. It will be beneficial to you in one way or another. They do not have to be necessarily sexual benefits but improved public relations. If it was a business deal you can trust me it will go through swiftly. Flirting body language helps create several relationships. Nobody is an island and the romantic or even platonic relationship might help you somewhere in life. Make flirting your art.

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