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Adults can complain about back and neck pain. Adults can alleviate pain through many different means. Adults can make chiropractor appoints to ease back pain. Adults are darn lucky.

Children are not quite as fortunate. Children can suffer from back pain as much as any adult. A child may think this pain is normal and dismiss the pain or may live with the pain until it becomes too much to bear and the child than voices the pain to their parents.

Whether the child complains of pain or not, parents should make a routine appointment for the child to visit their chiropractor. Many times this professional catches problems early and fixes the problem keeping it to a minimum through regular visits.

Children at any age can visit this professional. Babies frequently have spinal concerns from the minute they are born and many parents do not realize this until the child is much older, often into the teen years.


The birthing process brings about a natural twisting, pulling, and pushing of the infant’s body. The birth process frequently causes a misalignment of the spinal and neck bones. This misalignment that happens during most births is common. And, since the bones are pliable, soft, and flexible it is rare to have pain. It is not uncommon for a child to grow up with a spinal misalignment. The spine continues to press on the nerves in the neck and skull causing future health concerns.

As a child grows with these misalignment problems, the child often develop childhood asthma, ear infections, or digestive disorders as seen in episodes of colic. Sometimes ADD or learning disorders develop as the result of misalignment of the spine. Recommendations now are that a chiropractic professional educated in pediatrics examine the infant within the first month of life.

What few people realize is that childhood illnesses, caused by a misalignment of the spine go undetected. As children age, many are prone to ear aches, sore throats, scoliosis, headaches, and stomach aches and more frequent than not, caused by an undetected misalignment of the spine.

It is an excellent idea to bring your child to your chiropractic appointment a few times, to meet the doctor and see what the doctors do to you. When you allow your child to do this a few times any fears the child may have seemed to go away. The child looks forward to a spinal exam and x-ray of their spine like mom and dad and later the actual spinal realignment puts them at ease with no fears.

Parents who experienced chiropractic services and saw improvements in their condition would take their children for these same services. A child as young as four years of age has related to their parents that they feel better after a painless spinal realignment. Parents report that their child asks them for a chiropractic visit if their back becomes uncomfortable.

In Conclusion

Ages infant to young adult needs at least one spinal x-ray and spinal exam by a licensed, skilled, and knowledgeable Geneva chiropractor attuned to the needs of children. Get an early start on excellent spinal health to help possibly avoid many childhood health problems, such as asthma, earaches, and sinus problems.

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