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The advantages of Panel track blinds over traditional styles.

Vertical blinds are very popular today, but now there is a new attractive option in the form of panel track blinds. It is just one of the many options available for window treatment, but a very desirable one. Besides affording privacy and protection from the sun, you want your window treatments to add beauty to your home. Vertical blinds, while pretty and functional, can sometimes be a hassle to operate and break easily. Drapes, in the eyes of many, have become old fashioned. Panel track blinds are a new choice that can be considered. The track keeps them in place, so they give the look of verticals without the constant risk of breaking because they are free swinging. They are suited to almost any room and can be found in a variety of materials and construction to suit any budget. You can get almost any look for a room because of the designs available. If you want a romantic look, choose dark blinds; if you want a bright, sunny look, there are many light colors. They are an easier to use alternate to vertical blinds.


Here are some things to consider when deciding on whether you want panel track blinds. If you have a wide expanse fo window, panel track may be the ideal solution, since they can be used to cover as much area as you like. Drapery, on the other hand, would be very costly to use on a large window area. Panel track blinds come in a number of interesting materials, one of which is sure to complement your decorating style. They come in fabric, woven woods, bamboo, yarns and sold woods. Bamboo can add an exotic look, wood a more formal look, and for a bright look that will lighten a room, consider solar sheers. These are made from PVC, polyurethane for fiberglass that has been woven into fabric. The fiberglass can be covered with a vinyl coating. Solar sheers give a room a sleek contemporary look. Panel track blinds are available in a wide range of colors as well as sheer. All of these offer an elegant look to your decorating. But one of the greatest advantages of panel track blinds is their simplicity of use. Combine this with the sleekness and elegance they offer, and they are a beautiful choice for any room. You can choose panel track blinds in colors to match either the walls of the room or the trim around the windows so they blend right in.

Take the time to find the look that is right for you and you will be very pleased with this choice for the beauty and value of your home.

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