When your boyfriend breaks up with you, it will make you miss him like crazy and you might be tempted to do anything to get your ex back. That is a normal reaction, but unfortunately letting him see how much you want him back will only make it harder to get him back. If you want to see your ex come running back you need to use male psychology and make him miss you like crazy.

Since the breakup, you might have dreamed of seeing the man that dumped you come back begging on his knees for a second chance. As impossible as it may seem, by using male psychology you can make that dream come true. You see, men are very vain and they need to feel in control. This is why your ex will refuse to take your phone calls, answer your emails or text messages.

As long as he can keep you coming after him, he will feel like a big man and his pride and ego will be fed. He can sit back in comfort and know you will be his again at the snap of his fingers. You might love him, but if you become his puppet, you will never get him back. Although your chasing him feeds his ego, he will lose his respect for you and no man wants to be with a woman he does not respect.


So how do you get your ex boyfriend back? You make him think you don’t want him anymore. This is using male psychology because men want what they cannot have. This is what is so crazy about the whole situation. When you show him you love him he doesn’t want you, but if you walk away, he will want you again. So, although it might be hardest thing you have ever done, you have to walk away from him.

There are many things and people in this world that need you. Your family and friends all will be happy to give you their support and love. There are others less fortunate than you that can also use your kindness and help. You can provide this service by doing volunteer work. You will be surprised at how good the feeling of being needed can be. You will also find yourself thinking less about your ex boyfriend.

Finding other things to fulfill your life will make your ex boyfriend less important to you. But, while you are occupied with these activities your ex will begin to rethink the breakup. When he realizes how much he misses you, he will begin to wonder if he can get you back. The only thing that will keep him from calling you will be his pride and ego. This is when you need to stay strong and soon he will miss you like crazy and see that he will only find peace and happiness by having you back in his arms.

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